Our Team

Nancy Sayle Portrait 18

Nancy B. Sayle - CEO/Founder

The creator of the sanctuary, Nancy has a huge passion for the plight of animals and is determined to make a difference.

30 year veteran of the music industry, working with artists from Rob Zombie, YES, Steve Vai. Mr. BIG to Static-X and many more; She leverages her relationships and PR skills to bring about education to the public while bringing animals to safety from being needlessly euthanized in the shelters, homeless animals on the street while providing medical and a safe place.


Sarah Richards - Vice Chair

Sarah Richards has worked with a diverse population over her twenty-one years as a social work professional. She earned her Master’s in Social Administration at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Sarah had the wonderful opportunity of case managing and providing individual and group therapy to veterans and individuals with severe mental illnesses. She supervised programs with the ultimate goal of ending homelessness for every individual which has now extended this professional passion to ending homelessness for all living beings.

Sarah has a huge heart full of empathy and compassion for animals. She is always on guard saving animals, for example, by coaxing a dog off the medium of a major highway on Christmas, starting her own Trap, Neuter and Release program at her place of employment, driving hours to take FIV/leukemia positive cats, that would otherwise be euthanized, to their forever homes, crawling in a full dumpster to rescue baby raccoons and allowing grass to grow over two feet tall to not disturb a family of mourning doves.

Sarah has attended numerous workshops on animal behavior, grant writing, and starting a sanctuary. Sarah now brings this knowledge, compassion and commitment to her position as Vice Chair of the Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary.

 Lilly Mindy Morgan - Grant Writer/Marketing
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Vene Acoraci Adler - Rescue Angel

When not on a set filming, Vene is busy with animal welfare. She is an integral part of the feather side of Fur & Feather - She houses several abandoned and homeless parrots, cockatoos and ducks. Vene and her husband Jerry Dixon, bassist of platinum band WARRANT, also take in other assorted abandoned and homeless animals for care and rehab. Vene and Jerry are even proud parents to a few F&F animals – Ben the dog and R2 the African Gray~


Rita Lowery - Rescue Angel

Rita is a Beverly Hills hair couture to the stars that uses much of her spare time to save animals off the street and find them homes. You can find her scaling down hillsides chasing dogs to safety!! She and her husband, multi platinum ax-slinger John 5 of Rob Zombie are both active in assisting us with events and more!

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Carolina Adler - Rescue Angel

Carolina is usually working on a movie or TV set, but a large amount of her time is dedicated to helping animals by forever homes. She works endlessly comforting the precious ones that are in the shelter, and helping our animals get adopted. She is a tireless source of energy and we are grateful to have her on board. She and her husband, Grammy & Rock Hall of Famer Steven Adler are a huge component when it comes to F&F, from events, silent auctions to adoptions of animals. They even adopted our Murray, who is now Cosmo!

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Avery Sarzo - Rescue Angel

Avery is a dedicated animal rescuer and advocate. She dedicates her spare time to the good use of helping animals. Avery and her rockstar hubby, Robert Sarzo go to all the event's, pickets against puppy mills and more. They really get into the center of animal welfare issues and make sure that the animals have a voice! They are proud parents to many doggie fur-babies that were neglected and left at the kill-shelters.

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Harrison Forbes - Celebrity Pet Trainer

Harrison Forbes is Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary’s trainer and advisor for pet training. Harrison's over 20 year career as a dog trainer and animal behaviorist has propelled him into the spotlight as a highly sought after pet expert for national news stories, best selling author, popular radio/TV personality, and pet advisor to the stars.

 dr cuerre

dr kelly

dr rigoni

Southern California Veterinarian Hospital - Medical Advisors

Dr. Cuerre, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Rigoni are huge Key components to keeping our animals medically safe. They provide the highest quality medicine, surgery and service since 1970, This hospital stands with an accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). They are one of approximately 3,000 hospitals or 10% in the nation making a commitment to the highest standards of veterinary care and service through a rigorous AAHA accreditation inspection. Only a few hospitals receive the prestigious Three-Year accreditation level categories. We cannot do this work without them on our side~