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Fur and Feather Animal Sanctuary: A California Cat Rescue Like No Other

Fur and Feather Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and caring for homeless and abandoned animals in California. Founded in 2005, Fur and Feather has grown to become one of the most respected and trusted cat rescues in the state.

Fur and Feather is committed to providing the highest quality of care for all of the animals in our program. Our cats and dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before being adopted and placed in loving homes. Fur and Feather also offers a variety of other services to help cats and dogs in need, including:

  • Adoption: Fur and Feather has a wide variety of cats of all ages, breeds, and sizes available for adoption. Our adoption process is designed to ensure that each animal is placed in the best possible home.
  • Volunteer care: Fur and Feather relies on a network of volunteers to provide care for our animals while they are waiting for their forever homes. Volunteers provide them with love, care, and socialization.
  • Medical care: Fur and Feather provides medical care to all of the animals in our program. Our adjunct medical team is experienced in treating a wide range of illnesses and injuries. We are known for taking the challenging medical cases no one else wants. We are often the last stop before an animal is put down. It is thanks to the generous support of our sponsors that we are able to help these neglected and abused animals.
  • End-of-life care: When necessary, Fur and Feather provides end-of-life care to cats and dogs with incurable illnesses or injuries. We are committed to making sure that all animals cross the rainbow bridge peacefully and with dignity.

One of the things that makes Fur and Feather Animal Sanctuary so special is our dedication to helping cats with Feline Leukemia (FeLV). FeLV is a contagious virus that can cause a variety of health problems in cats, including cancer and immune system suppression. There is no cure for FeLV, but cats with FeLV can live long and happy lives with proper management.

Fur and Feather is one of the only cat rescues in the nation that accepts cats with FeLV. We have a dedicated quarantine room where they get to live their best lives. This room is designed to keep the FeLV-positive cats safe and comfortable. The room is equipped with special air filtration systems to prevent the spread of the virus to other cats. Fur and Feather also provides specialized care for FeLV-positive cats, such as regular blood tests and veterinary visits.

If you are looking for a cat rescue to adopt from or support, Fur and Feather Animal Sanctuary is a great option. We are a dedicated and compassionate team committed to helping sick, abused, and neglected animals in need.

How You Can Help Fur and Feather Animal Sanctuary

There are many ways to help Fur and Feather Animal Sanctuary. Here are a few ideas:

  • Adopt a catAdopting a cat from Fur and Feather is a great way to give an animal a second chance at life and to support the rescue’s mission.
  • Donate money, stock, or crypto: Fur and Feather relies on donations to operate. You can make a one-time donation or sign up for a monthly donation plan.
  • Donate food and supplies directly: You can check out our list of needed supplies on Amazon.
  • Volunteer: Fur and Feather has many volunteer opportunities available, such as helping with adoption events, transporting animals, and cleaning the shelter.