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Celebrating 15 Years of Saving Lives!

Dear Fur & Feather Family, On behalf of the entire staff of Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary, I am thrilled to celebrate our 15th anniversary this year! Over the past 15 years, we have saved...
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Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary Mission

Our mission is to protect the health and safety of animals by providing charitable assistance in our no-kill shelter for all. We will be the overflow for City and County shelters, while assisting traditional rescues...
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Fire & Heat Prevention Fundraiser

FIRE & HEAT PREVENTION + EVACUATION NEEDS for the SPECIAL NEEDS CATS With blistering heat on the rise and the fire season escalating into a constant threat, the safety and well-being of the animals at Fur & Feather Animal...
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Adoptable Cats

We are ready for our Fur-ever homes!

Hello my name is Catti LaBelle!

Catti LaBelle the Pirate Cat is usually carousing the cattery - She might be resting in the sun from general scallywaggery or plundering a nearby food bowl, which she's done a...
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Hello my name is Lewiston Bittlebees!

LEWSITON BITTLEBEES is a huge Harry Potter fan and, like Harry, he was orphaned and left to survive on his own on the street of Wichita Kansas. ...
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Hello my name is Petunia!

Petunia is an amazing cat - She wants to be the Queen of the castle! She is plush with pretty fawn and black markings. Miss...
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Hello my name is Squish Biscuit!

SQUISH BISCUIT is an American Curl which is sometimes nicknamed the "Peter Pan cat," these felines retain kitten-like natures into adulthood, and love to play, investigate, climb,...
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Hello my name is Taco Ninja!

You can’t keep a good cat down, and Taco Ninja is no exception!  Taco Ninja is a handsome cow print cat who recently lost one of his front legs....
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Hello my name is Tallullah Pickles!

Hullo dahlings! I'm Tallulah Pickles, and I have very strong views on the proper habitat for my gorgeousness, which involve hovering servants (you), a warm...
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Hello! My name is Tucker.

About Tucker Tucker‘s tinder profile reads: Handsome floof with soft & silky body hair seeks human companion. For life. I’m the real deal and I’m looking...
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I owe FFAS my world. Because of them I met the dog that changed my world. My dog Astro made me who I am today. FFAS helps all animals and does so with the care and compassion each animal deserves. Though Astro passed 8 years to the day we got him, we still stay in close contact with Fur & Feather and support them anyway we can!

Stefano Filippelli

Over the years, I have adopted two dogs through Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary. Both these dogs have been just wonderful additions to our family and the loves of my life. I know Nancy loves her kitties, but she knows the dogs and what makes a good adoption fit. The loving and caring for all animals that Nancy exhibits is second to none!

Jane Rosner

I love and support Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary because they help so many cats and animals in need that most wouldn’t take in because they’re special needs. They take such good care of our furry friends! I will always be a big supporter of this great organization.

Kathy Lubary